One of The Best Dental Tourism In Qatar

why qatar for dental tourism
Why Qatar for Dental Tourism?

Healthcare standards in Qatar are very high. In addition to public sector, private sector has to maintain very high standards at par any international health care system (North-American/ European standards). We are one of the top medical centers in Qatar following the standards mentioned above.

The Supreme Council of Health (Qatar) is responsible for regulating Qatar's healthcare system. If you travel Via Qatar Airways or other international Carrier through Hamad international Airport, you can avail the best Dental services, whilst you are in the transit.

Similarly, if you are visiting Doha as a tourist, via air or Cruise liners (Doha port), we will provide our services.

Doha is the safest, most beautiful & Cultural city in middle east. (Qatar Tourism)

Our Vision & Philosophy for Qatar
Our Vision & Philosophy for Qatar

Our services have been shaped around an advanced generation of dentistry and aesthetic design. Reem Aesthetic will bring about your beautiful smile according to the individuals face and appearance.

Our focus is to bring you the Hollywood smile at your doorstep, which will bring confidence & satisfaction in your life.

The Team
The Team

Reem Aesthetic dental team is one of the best dental team in Qatar made up with a set of best practitioners and specialists, who are chosen on the basis of their best knowledge and experience in the field. Our dentists follow the “GOOD MEDICAL PRACTICE” rules set by international dentistry bodies.

What Services We Provide

Our Brilliant minds at Reem Dentistry offers following Branches of dentistry including: General Dentistry (Adults & Children), Prosthodontics and Orthodontics. Please select your services:

Dentures Children Dentistry General Teeth Whitening Advanced Teeth Whitening (Hollywood Smile)
Teeth Alignment Root Canal Treatments (RCT) Dental Fillings, Fixing Cavities, Broken Tooth Dental Braces
Crown & Bridges Zoom Whitening Gingivitis & Gum disease

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