you are what you eat


The health of your teeth depends on what you eat. Surprised!!!! Well it’s a fact that eating chocolates, sweets, candies, fizzy pops may give you a short burst of energy and satisfy your taste buds but leads to long term problems like tooth wear, gum diseases, tooth decay as well as wider health problems like diabetes and obesity.

It is not only what you eat but how often you eat. Most doctors recommend eating a balanced diet, limiting in- between meal snacks, reducing the intake of sugars. You can follow some simple tips while choosing meals for good oral health

  • Choose dairy products as they contain calcium to strengthen teeth
  • Lean proteins for the win
  • Fruits & Veggies add an extra punch
  • Nourishing Nuts on the go
  • Say NO to potential damage caused by sugars and acids
  • Give your teeth & body the best chance to flourish

A healthy diet will have a positive impact on your teeth and health. Choose tooth friendly choices.

Embrace a Smile diet & show off those Sparkling pearls

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Dr.Raina Domanica Dsouza15 | 10 | 2019

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